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Life Stories

When she discovered she was pregnant, she walked into the Pregnancy Support Group planning on having an abortion. She had been taking meth even that day she was still dealing with the after effects of the night before. She feared for the health of her baby because of it. She did not want to be pregnant but, she did not want to continue to live the life she had been living worse. The counselor she met with that day was caring and made sure she listened to her fears as she explained her life. Her counselor immediately began searching for a place where she could live while getting clean from the drugs that put her baby at risk. She continued to come to Pregnancy Support Group and participated in the “Mommy Buck” Earn While You Learn curriculum. She was able to learn useful parenting skills and spiritual tools that all helped her to acquire tangible maternity and baby items while at the same time growing in the desire to be a happy healthy mother by breaking the chains of dependency she had in drugs.






Sandy was struggling with her unplanned pregnancy. At 17, she had no support from the baby’s father or from her parents and in fact they were pushing her to terminate her pregnancy so she could continue with school. She would often walk by Pregnancy Support Group on her way home. One day she decided to come in and find out what we do. When she realized she could see her baby in an ultrasound for free, she scheduled an appointment. Not only did she become completely certain after her ultrasound, that she would stay pregnant, she eventually got the babies daddy and her parents to witness her ultrasound. Together they were all able to fall in love with the little baby in her womb.









They lived on the streets and slept in the local homeless shelter. They were surprised to find out that they were expecting although they were happy. They often walked past the Pregnancy Support Group when one day they decided to go in and see what Pregnancy Support Group could do to help them with their pregnancy. After some time, the baby’s daddy began realizing the street life style wasn’t what he wanted for his new baby. He began participating in Pregnancy Support Group’s Men of Honor study lead by a gentleman from one of the churches in town. He would loyally come to the meetings and wound up getting a job and changing their lives by taking on the roll of a responsible father, good husband and eventually the strong spiritual leader of his family.